Finally home!  It was a great month in Clermont Florida, with the QT2 Age Group Camp going from Feb 6th – 9th and then the QT2 Pro camp going from Feb 15th – March 2nd.  The age group camp was a great time with so many athletes, not only did we nail some serious bike volume we also had a lot of fun outside of the workouts hanging out, usually in one of the sets of Normatec’s that come to all of our age group camps.

There was a “dead” four days in between the two camps where Matt, Cait, Spinney and I did some training but nothing major in order to get ready for what was in store when Kropelnicki landed.

Summary of what we did for 17 days. In no particular order.

Tried to act like the woman’s sweatshirt on a few workouts. Especially – Swim band race swim starts.  (This video is obviously not with bands)

Had a LOT of recovery smoothies. IMG_1555

And frozen veggie “stir fry’s”IMG_1556

Bought Tim some nuts and Vinny his swim hydrationIMG_1560

Just like my socks – I fell apart at the seams on a few workouts. But, to find the limit you need to go over it a few times, right?IMG_1565

Crushed a few cappuccinos on the way home in the Delta Sky Club!IMG_1582

Saw a LOT of this butt.IMG_1543

Juiced a bunch. IMG_1552

Didn’t spend to much time here.IMG_1545

Sat with all my friends on the flight home.IMG_1583

When you are only awake for 60 minutes post workout – You need a quick dinner.IMG_1547

Spent a ridiculous amount of time here everyday.  Second swim pack this year? Just maybe.IMG_1548

Ended camp with a few of these. Thanks, Donavan!IMG_1580

Did this and only this on our recovery days.

Prepared myself to come home to THIS!IMG_1575

Spent almost a thousand miles with these guys.IMG_1549

Ate a lot of sweet potato’s

Got to spend time with some seriously stud athletes.

Spent a lot of running miles with the ladies. (Kendra’s Pictures)


Ran a half marathon in the dark – on a bike path- in the middle of no where Florida. (Kendra’s Pictures)1622883_10152345275398973_1822716578_n

Missed these two dog a lot!1011829_760188534557_1473600723_n

And of course I missed the BOSS!993445_10100311166936255_177830868_n

Camp was once again a great time.  I found some fitness and it was good for me mentally to be with the group training after everything that’s gone on the past 3 months.  But most importantly – it gave me that extra little bit I’ll need for race day.  I spent 4 weeks away from my family.  You don’t give up on race day when it gets hard when you spend time away from your family. You dig a little deeper to show them that it was worth it.  I can deal with giving up on myself.  But not giving up on my family.

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2 Responses to Camp

  1. swimmykimy says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Love the photo recap :) the middle of nowhere darkness half marathon got me kind of fired up and I HATE running in the dark (PTSD from scary Ragnar and RTB night legs.) thanks for getting me pumped for this upcoming season!

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